YouTube Cards Are Here

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A few years ago, when Twitter introduced the concept of ‘cards’ – that is rich snippets that can accommodate multimedia content– everybody saw the potential. Yesterday, it was YouTube‘s turn to adopt Twitter‘s approach and introduce its version of the successful feature; Everyone, meet YouTube cards.

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So far, YouTube offered annotations – let’s just admit it, most of them were extremely annoying.

YouTube cards are not far in terms of implementation, however, they provide videos with some much needed context. This practically means that they are like annotations (and they can function like them), but they are much more than that: users can add images, links, merchandising details and more. And what separates them from the old annotations? The fact that they look beautiful on desktop and mobile. 

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Right now, you can choose from six types of cards: Merchandise, Fundraising, Video, Playlist, Associated Website and Fan Funding. The plan is to replace all annotations with this new feature, however, YouTube asks for users’ feedback to improve the service and fix the bugs. You can find more details in their blog.

How do you find this new update?

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