Your 2014 Best Instagram Moments In A Video

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2014 is almost over, which means that it’s the time of the year that we reflect upon the past months, trying to review our memories, browsing our social networks for the traces of the year.

Instagram was among our favorite social networks during 2014, uploading our visual memories, creating a visual photo album full of good and bad experiences.

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If you want to live those memories again, but hate the constant browsing on your feed to reach January, then Iconosquare may help.

Your 2014 Best Instagram moments in a video

Iconosquare is a managing platform for your Instagram account through the web and is offering a popular review of your past year in a custom video, consisting of your most popular photos of the year.

If you want to check your own video, you need to:

  • – Visit Iconosquare
  • – Sign up, or log in
  • – Request your personal video
  • Receive it on your mail
  • Download it on your mobile if you want to upload it on your Instagram account.

Great idea for us to live again our favorite moments and for Iconosquare to increase its reach, don’t you think?


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