“YouLand”: An Absurd, Sensational, 8-bit Facebook Video Game

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Old Spice has become quite bold in the past couple of years. After its awesome “I’m on a boat” campaign, and its continuation, the brand has now launched an 8-bit Facebook video game, with the help of digital powerhouse Wieden+Kennedy.

The video game is fully customisable thanks to your social data. All you have to do is sign in, using your Facebook credentials, and you’re instantly the hero of the adventure. A complimentary tour of the video game, featuring Mr. “I’m on a boat” himself, will give you some first details of your mission.

That’s where the fun begins. Make sure you spray your enemies to death and watch your Facebook friends passing in front of your screen in 8-bit mode at random intervals. Brace yourselves for talking animals, unbalanced strip mall-to-human ratios, tattooing enemies in the face, wooden virtual-reality headsets, and the very real perils of interdimensional cyborg race cars.

We still haven’t figured out what the purpose of this game is, but all we can say it’s addictive, absurd and totally Old Spice. Enjoy!


Connect with Facebook to personalise the game


Yes, you’re in a video game now!


Your Facebook friends are here too!


Choose your scent, choose your branded video game!

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