You Have Been Served… On Facebook

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Sounds absurd? Well imagine this scenario: Let’s say you are trying to track down a long lost friend. Where would you turn to find him? White pages? Too old! Mobile phone number? It may have changed. Facebook? You got it right.

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This seems to be the case of a woman in NYC, who has been desperately trying to contact her hard-to-reach husband. A New York judge ruled that it is allowed for her to file for divorce via a Facebook message. Is Justice embracing reality? Pretty much.

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The process (aka the message) will be repeated once a week, for three weeks, or until the messages are acknowledged by the soon-to-be ex husband, whose only contact with his bride is via phone or Facebook. He states that he has no fixed address or a billing address for his prepaid phone whatsoever.

Although we’re sure there’s nothing to “Like” in this case, we’re convinced that it is the (awkward) beginning of a new era for lawmakers in general. As Andrew Spinnell, plaintiff’s attorney stated: “I think it’s new law, and it’s necessary”. We definitely Like that last part.

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