You Can Now Hail An Uber From Foursquare

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Foursquare has been looking for itself lately. It launched Swarm, turned its app into a “social directory of places”, then it looks into how to monetise all the amazing data it is collecting through it users. Today, Foursquare might be finding its way through another strategy: add-on services from within its app. And the first one to jump in was Uber.

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Starting today, you will see the option to book an Uber straight from the Foursquare app. For that, all you will have to do is to visit a business’ Foursquare page, click on the map and select the type of Uber vehicle you prefer.

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All this is made possible thanks to Button, a third-party platform that enables smart connections between apps “to drive installs, increase engagement and facilitate mobile commerce.”

Noah Weiss, SVP of Product Management at Foursquare, explained:

Uber was already a Button partner, so Foursquare just had to link to it through the platform.

Of course, this is not a revolution, just an addition to its services. But for Foursquare, this could be the beginning of something new, something they could even monetise.

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If you’ve noticed, Google maps also integrated with Uber a few days ago. And that makes a lot of sense too!

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