You Can Now Connect Your Vine and Twitter Accounts

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Vine and Twitter are essentially the same company, but they have never really “connected”. Until now. Vine has announced that you can now connect your Vine and Twitter accounts, to increase the interaction with other users on each platform.

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If you are user on both Vine and Twitter a lot, you will love this new feature. By connecting the two accounts, you’re “making it easier…to find and follow your favorite accounts and creators on both”. If you make the connection, your Twitter profile will show up on your Vine account as well as other places – VMs for example. On the other hand, Vine users get to show their profile on their Twitter profile as well.

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This is how it looks.

On Vine

Your Twitter username appears on your Vine profile and other users can search for you with your Twitter handle. This is how they are also able to confirm that the Vine account they have found for you, is actually yours. Tapping on a Twitter handle takes a user directly to that Twitter profile, for them to follow if they want.


On Twitter

You can now choose to display your Vine account there on your Twitter profile. When people go to your Twitter profile they can see the number of vine loops you have on a little icon. Tapping on it takes them directly to your Vine account.


Loops, will also be shown on users’ Vine accounts from now on, so you can instantly get a picture of how active or popular a specific user is. If you haven’t already done so, in order to get the new features, you should update your Vine app for iOS (Android soon) and your Twitter app for iOS and Android. Find our more about how to connect accounts, here

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