You Can Now Broadcast Live From Periscope For iOS With Your GoPro

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Live streaming was one of the biggest trends of 2015, and we expect it to explode in 2016. And it seems Periscope is leading the way. Twitter‘s live-streaming app is now allowing you to broadcast live on iOS using your GoPro. Expect lots of snowboarding, surfing,bungee jumping, and a lot more extreme sports hitting your feed – live.

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Many of Periscope’s new features begin on iOS – one of them, the recent announcement that Periscope videos will autoplay within Twitter’s iOS app. Now, you can use a GoPro HERO4 Black or Sliver to connect and broadcast directly through your iOS app while simultaneously recording onto an SD card on your GoPro.

The announcement reads:

We’ve seen people put their phones in some precarious situations — they’ve been taped to drones, tied to balloons and submerged underwater. Creativity always finds a way, but we wanted to make it a little bit easier. Today, you can broadcast from your GoPro HERO 4 directly to Periscope for iPhone. Keep that phone safely tucked away.


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The whole process is really simple, so listen up! This is how it works!

  • – Make sure your GoPro’s on video mode and connect your phone to it’s WiFi
  • – Open the Periscope app on your phone and press the broadcast button
  • – You will see the GoPro button being highlighted – after that just give your broadcast a title and stream!

What’s really cool is that you an actually also switch between your phone camera and GoPro while you’re broadcasting – by double-tapping. If you want to just safely store your phone, the app has a new button to lock your device’s screen.

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