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You Can Now Advertise Up To 3 Products in 1 Facebook Ad

by • June 30, 2014 • Breaking News, FacebookComments Off on You Can Now Advertise Up To 3 Products in 1 Facebook Ad6286

We all know that Facebook has become the paradise of digital advertisers. Over this year, the social network has rolled out various features that help businesses grow their audience and use multiple types of advertisement, such as video ads or the latest right column ads.

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However, pages and business want to reach even more people and make their presence more attractive and Facebook has aligned with their need to offer greater variety in its advertising suite. For this reason, the social network announced a new type of multi-product ads.

With multi-product ads, businesses now have the opportunity to showcase three products within a single ad unit, on desktop or mobile. The new format is available to advertisers around the world via the Facebook Ads API or through Power Editor. Its main strength is that each product has its own image, description and click target. In other words, if you chose to display three different products and show them to specific audience segments.

According to Facebook, this technique has helped advertisers and retailers achieve better results. Some among them have seen their click-through rate increase by 42% and their acquisition cost decrease by almost 45%. Sounds impressive. Have a look at the new ad type below:

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Would you use this new format to advertise your business? Would you like to see more ad formats on Facebook?

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