You Can Now Add Your Country’s Flag To Your Facebook Profile Pic

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As if people weren’t getting far too “patriotic” lately! Facebook has now added over 200 national flags to its Profile Frames feature. 

Facebook created its Profile Frames feature for users to be able express themselves and show support for their favourite sports teams, or solidarity with causes or social movements. And now, Facebook is going a step further, adding over 200 national flags to the tool, allowing users to add one to their profile pics, temporarily or permanently. If you’re proud of your country, now you can show the rest of the world!

Simply go to the Profile Pics Page page and pick the flag that represents your country. If Facebook defaults to the country you currently live in, and not the country you’re originally from, simply use the search field to find the one you want.

The next default choices on the list appear to be causes like “I Stand With Refugees,” or “Red,” as well as football teams and associations. I suppose these have to do with where you are at the moment, and perhaps what you are naturally inclined to like or be interested in. All choices have a little note telling you whether a friend (how many friends) have applied a specific frame.

You don’t have to use the tool only for your personal profile pic. By clicking on the account drop-down menu on the bottom left of the tool, you can switch between your personal profile and any of the Facebook Pages you represent on Facebook, either via your personal account, or a Facebook Business Manager.

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