You Can Now Add Videos, Check-Ins And Text Posts To Albums On Facebook

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Facebook announced that you can now do a lot more with albums on the platform. You can add text posts, check-ins and videos to the same album, follow friends’ albums, as well as feature your albums on your profile.

Last week, Facebook added a host of new updates for albums on the platform. The first and most important of these, is the ability to add different post types to an album. So, for example, you could add a text update, a video, a few photos, and a location check-in to an album, to mark a specific event or important day.

A Facebook spokesperson provided an example.

Gone on a surf trip recently? Share videos of you tacking your waves, your check-in at the pier, a photo of your board and more – in a single album.

Additionally, Facebook also included an option to follow or unfollow friends’ albums (for which you can turn notifications on or off), as well as an easier way to collaborate on albums with your friends or family. Facebook had also provided the ability to collaborate on albums four years ago, but the process of adding collaborators has now been simplified.

Finally, there is also the option to showcase “featured” albums on your profile.  The idea behind this is that users can create collections of posts on a specific theme, and have friends follow updates on them. The new album features are coming to Android first, and will be coming to iOS soon.

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With this update, Facebook hopes to give users something more valuable than just photo albums – the ability to organise the content they generate on specific ideas or topics. By also inluding more robust collaboration features, Facebook is also encouraging users to get others involved in this process. Finally, the ability to showcase “featured and that to follow albums, allows people to spread their ideas, and to check out others’, too. This allows users to do a lot more on the platform, ensuring better platform retention rates – we all know that this is exactly what it wants.

For some time, Facebook has been pushing its photo sharing app Moments, which may not have had the success the company was hoping for. These new features bring a little bit of Moments’ logic onto the main platform. So, if we were to guess what the next step is, it would be that Facebook could eventually shut down Moments, bringing its features onto its flagship app. What do you think?

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