Yet Another Algorithm Update For Facebook Newsfeed

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Remember a few months ago when Facebook started asking users about the quality of their Newsfeed? Well, it appears that all this was part of a plan. A plan to tweak the newsfeed one more time. How will it affect you? Keep reading.

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Basically, by analysing the results of the surveys, Facebook claims they came up not with a single change, but with a set that contains three (yes three) changes. Let’s take them one by one.

The first change to be introduced has to do with users that don’t have a lot of content to see. This is for the lonely souls out there! Facebook will be relaxing its rule of not allowing multiple stories from a single source, so this type of users should expect to see more of that.

Next change is to cure our fear of missing out. According to the announcement, many users said that they don’t want to miss important updates from the persons they care the most. This is a deal-maker (or breaker) for people who have a lot of friends or follow a lot of pages. Facebook will try to offer a bespoke newsfeed experience, by ranking higher up updates (photos, events etc.) from the closest friends, while trying to embellish the mix with the right quantity of Pages’ content.

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The third improvement (and probably the most important one) will change the way we see stories about our friends on the newsfeed. More specifically, Facebook will rank lower the stories created by friends commenting or liking updates from other people or pages. In other words, indirect stories won’t receive a high relevance grade, so they will move further down the newsfeed. 


Will this change affect you?

Probably yes, but it also depends on your content and audience mix. Post reach and referral traffic could potentially decline, especially due to the change which affects indirect stories. Also, while Facebook tries to find the right mix of friends and pages content, you should be prepared to see your reach drop.

You don’t have to worry though, because if you know your audience and have powerful content, it will be affected to a lesser extend – or may even stay intact. 

How do we feel about this update? With all the controls Facebook offers, the perfect newsfeed is practically available to everyone. While it’s totally understandable why the social network wants to offer relevant and timely content, we can’t help but wonder whether this change will lead pages admins to spend more money on ads.

What’s your take on this?

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