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Yes, There Are Still Countries Where Social Networks Are Banned

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Social Media brings people together. They tear down distance barriers and they provide the means to interact with people we had never imagined we could. Just think about all those international geopolitical events that have been made public through social networks and the awareness brought to them by exposing them into large audiences. Social Media are the new newsrooms thanks to their immediate, real-time communication channels they open.

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However, social networks seem to cause serious headaches to certain countries, whose governments have limited access to the internet and therefore social networks. And while this seems to work for governments, there are movements and organisations that object such decisions and try to promote the freedom of access for the citizens. Let’s have a thorougher look.

Who Blocks What

  • North Korea blocks “the Internet” in general. Access in only available to the country’s intranet for birthday messages and to a portion of university staff.
  • Iran has a applied a total ban. Surprisingly enough, the country’s president is active on Twitter.


  • Facebook is only allowed in the 17-square mile zone of free trade in Shangai. Facebook ban may explain the booming chinese social network Weibo.
  • Vietnam has also banned Facebook, however it’s still accessible with a change in DNS settings.
  • Pakistan has blocked Youtube, after a footage of the controversial movie ‘The Innocense of Muslims” was leaked online.
  • – Following revelations on government corruption, Turkey has been blocking Twitter on a regular basis.

Have a look at the infographic below, created WhoIsHostingThis. Do you think that social networks should be banned?

countries who block social media infographic

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