You Are Worth $16 A Year To Facebook

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Sixteen dollars. That is how much you are worth, per year, to Facebook. 

“Facebook is free, and always will be.” This now iconic statement is often questioned by businesses trying to make a place for themselves on the social network. But deep down, the truth is that Facebook IS indeed free for users. We get to use the platform as often as we please, whenever we want, and it doesn’t cost us a dime. And it’s because WE are Facebook’s most valuable assets.

According to the company’s third-quarter earnings report, each of us is worth $16 a year to Facebook.


Of course this is based on the advertising revenue Facebook makes. It varies from month to month and from country to country. At this game, users from the US and Canada are worth significantly more than other users ($62.60). Europeans come second ($18.88) while users from the Asia-Pacific region ($7.56) and “rest of the world” ($4.84) fall far behind. As you can imagine, these values are directly linked to the competitiveness of Facebook‘s ad bidding in the respective regions.

Now the real question is: Would you be willing to pay $16 a year to get rid of ads on Facebook?

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