With #ReciTweet Hellmann’s Helps You Cook What’s In The Fridge

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Busy day, coming home tired, hungry… but sometimes you lack of cooking inspiration. It happens even to the best of us. Thankfully, #ReciTweet by Hellmann’s mayonnaise is here to save the day (or dinner)!

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In Brazil, together with Ogilvy, Hellmann’s came up with a very original to make the buzz on Twitter, not easy when you basically are “just” mayonnaise, right?

Well Hellmann’s and Ogilvy started from a proved fact: With only 9 ingredients in your fridge, you could actually prepare more than 360 thousands different recipes! If you knew how that is.

And this where Recepedia.com comes in. Hellmann’s partnered with one of the leading cooking recipes websites in Brazil and gave birth to #ReciTweet: the first Twitter based search for recipes.

How does #ReciTweet work?

It is quite easy. You tweet the name of the ingredients you have in your fridge and add the hashtag #PreparaPraMim (Prepare For Me in Portuguese). Once your tweet is sent, the Twitter account of Hellmann’s Brazil gets back to you automatically with an original recipe taken from the thousands existing in the Recepedia.com database.

This clever idea was immediately a huge success on Twitter, with more than 22 million tweet impressions, 82500 interactions and an engagement rate some 3 times higher than the average rate in Brazil…. and all that in just 1 day!

I don’t know about you but I am hungry now… what about some #chicken #lettuce and #bacon?

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