With #Lovebot, Durex Wants To Heal The Broken Hearts

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Every day, hundreds of thousands of people take their emotions onto Twitter. It is after all the “say it all, share it all” platform. Durex realized there were a lot of “broken hearts” sharing their sorrow on Twitter and they decided that, as the “love” brand, they should do something about it.

#LoveBot was born.

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#LoveBot is a creation of Marcel Agency. Every time a user will publish a tweet including the broken heart emoticon (</3), the bot will identify it and automatically match the user with another “broken heart.”

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Of course, I had to try (I love bots). Within a second, the #LoveBot did reply and matched me with a user I did not know, and probably did not have anything in common:


The second-time I was matched to another man. One could think this showed a very open-minded approach, but the truth is that the bot is not able to pull information on gender.

Obviously, the objective of the campaign is not to be a matchmaking service but to create the buzz around the brand and place Durex as a “love” brand. And I must admit this marketing stunt is very creative and surely an upcoming success for Durex.

Of course, I could not avoid seeing the pun here…

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