With KLM’s Wannagives, You Can Send a Gift at 30,000 Feet

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Dutch airline KLM is about to make the social media headlines again. Indeed, KLM is known to be at the forefront of social media activation in the airline industry, with campaigns such as “Little Acts of Kindness” having marked social media history.

Well this time, KLM is soon to launch an online-driven, in-flight gift service inspired by its social media community.

The service, called Wannagives, was announced yesterday by KLM social technology manager Nick Botter at Salesforce’s Dreamforce conference in San Francisco, and is due to roll out in the coming weeks.

Botter said the airline’s inspiration for the service came from a high volume of requests from its social media channels, predominantly Twitter and Facebook, in which people asked if they could provide “surprises” for loved ones traveling on a KLM flight.

“We took this concept and created this concept of being able to deliver a gift at 30,000 feet. People can select online a gift, it might be a glass of champagne, or a flower, a watch, for someone – perhaps a girlfriend, a grandchild or a business relation, and that gift will then be delivered on board the plane,” he said.

With American and European airlines allowing the use of electronic devices onboard, this should soon become a trend.

Thumbs-up KLM!

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