With #ISEE Pictionary Tests Your Imagination On Twitter

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Have you heard of Pictionary, the game where you have to draw to make your friends guess words?

What if you wanted to get thousands of people to talk about the game on Twitter, without ever having to draw?

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In Guatemala, Saatchi & Saatchi came up with a very cool idea. They built giant empty Pictionary frames and hung them in the sky. Why? Because we have all played this before: look in the sky and imagining figures in the clouds.

To make it go social, all they had to do is involve Twitter by asking people to take a picture of the frames and tweet what they see in the clouds with the hashtag #ISEE.



This way, the agency managed to generate more than 25,000 Twitter conversations, make #ISEE a trending topic in Guatemala and give great publicity to the board game for very few dollars.

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