With #HappyBeerTime Carlsberg Extends Happy Hours

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Happy Hours are the best time, you know these hours when beer is cheaper? The only problem with them is that they are often over sooner that you would have wanted them to be. Well? What if you had the power to extend happy hours in your favorite bar? Carlsberg and Konstellation did just that.

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Konstellation understood the power of Instagram and Smartphones during nights out. And this where they got the idea to use Instagram to give users the power to extend Happy Hours.

Thanks to a specially programmed USB key sent to partner bars, they changed Flat TV screens into a social media machine capable to broadcast the Instagram pics taken in the bar with the specific hashtag #HappyBeerTime.

All that people had to do was to take a picture of them, upload on Instagram with the hashtag #HappyBeerTime and a hashtag with the name of the bar they were in. Each time this happened, the picture was shown on the TV screen and 5 minutes were added to the current Happy Hour. 

Here is a video that explains the campaign better:

And of course, this campaign created a lot of social media awareness for Carlsberg.

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