Why Targeting Tweets To Specific Users Leads To Higher Engagement

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You’ve tweeted and tweeted, and focused your energy towards getting all those followers on Twitter. But how much are those followers worth, if they are not engaging with your content? If you thought the first part was difficult, wait until you hear this – You should really consider targeting your tweets to specific people.

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Before I explain, you will need to take a good look at your current followers, who they are, if they are interacting with your tweets, and which tweets they are interacting with. At this point, you should already have familiarised yourself with Twitter Analytics. Looking through your stats, you will be able to identify areas of focus and other users you can shift your attention t0 – you should be able to profile them in terms of interests and other characteristics.

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Your targeted approach will call for you to direct specific tweets at specific people, with the express goal of engaging them. If nobody is engaged, then you need to have another good look at your content, and back at the people you have targeted. If you’ve identified the right people for the right tweets, all you have to do is have the patience to persevere. Start out by targeting some of your “heaviest” tweets during any particular day. Ramp it up as you start seeing results.

The catch? Well, you’re not actually targeting people by mentioning them. You’re imagining what your target audience looks like if it was one person. What would it be like to talk to him or her? How would you speak to them?

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Think about it… You’re personalising content. In order to be successful, you need to ask yourself, what content your targeted users will engage with and how you should give it to them? Your tone of voice is very important. Also very important is to identify when your targeted users are online.

After doing this and revising your strategy every now and then, you will be able to craft yourself a persona that speaks on behalf of your audience so well that it resonates with people, increasing engagement with them. Now that would be great, right?

What do you think about this method?

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