Who needs 4G? You Can Now View Vines Offline!

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Last week brought a series of updates for our favourite apps, but one managed to catch our eye: Vine made it possible for users to watch videos offline on its latest iOS update. Read the details.

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The update came with the standard description about “bug fixes and stability improvements”. However, what we noticed is that videos load way faster than before. The explanation behind this is fairly simple. Videos and other elements load well before the app is launched. This leads to a grey zone of whether the app will use your data plan even if you don’t open it. Before you start complaining about it, Vine has further compressed the video files, in order to make them smaller in size and faster to load.

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Moreover, Vine now offers offline viewing functionality, so that you can watch your favourite loops without having to worry about signal coverage. That’s another great reason not to complain about data usage.

How do you find these new updates?

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