Who Loves This Facebook Flat Design?

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Facebook has changed a lot over the years. Its layout too. Do you even remember how Facebook used to look before the introduction of the Timeline design a few years back. The platform has done a lot to remove the clutter and offer a better user experience, but some people believe there is still a long way to go.

Rof Tentik, a developer and UI designer, decide to give Facebook a full facelift.

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Rof chose to go with flat design, and what started as a fun side project eventually lead to him developing a complete Chrome extension to offer an alternative layout for Facebook users.

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The result is quite agreeable for the eye, and it offers a great user experience, with a permanent menu on the right of the screen that lets you access all the important features on Facebook and minimises the number of clicks required to switch from one part of the platform to another.


Pages and personal profiles get a very similar treatment with a streamlined design that embraces white space to the maximum. The colours are bold and reinforce the branding throughout the website.

So how do you like this alternative layout proposed by Rof Tentik?

If you really like it, then head over to Chrome and installed the Facebook flat Chrome extension. You will immediately experience a new way of using Facebook.

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