When A Tweeting Fridge Makes The Buzz

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We share a lot and talk about many different things on Social Media. This often is a great opportunity for brands to create some buzz around their products. But here is the thing, products that are not “hot and sexy” usually do not perform very well on social media.

This is the issue that LG was facing when they wanted to promote their new refrigerator range.  Indeed, when is the last time you had a social media conversation about a fridge?

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Well M&C Saatchi in Stockolm did come up with an idea to start online conversations about the new LG refrigerator range. They delivered a model to the production company of Peter Settman, a well-known comedian in Sweden. But the fridge they delivered was not exactly the standard model.

The fridge was equipped with a camera and a bunch of electronics so that everytime its doors were open, a video was recorded of who opened the door and all this was automatically tweeted.

And because many local celebrities visit Settman’s studio, this really helped creating the buzz on social media.

But that’s not all. This campaign took place just before Xmas so it is very natural that the fridge was then delivered to Santa…. I’ll leave you to discover what happened there with the video produced by the agency:

Did you like this idea? I am sure you already thought of many ways this fridge could help you control your food flow ;)

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