WhatsApp Is Coming To Your Desktop

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Everyone seems to be claiming the world is going mobile. But, despite from this, we see more and more mobile apps launching desktop versions. Viber has done so a while ago, and yesterday, it was WhatsApp‘s turn to launch a desktop version of its famous messaging app.

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Although it is good news for users, the new desktop version of WhatsApp is actually just a mirror of the mobile app. So to use it, you will need to have the app set on your phone too, not just on your computer.

And that’s not all. The desktop version of WhatsApp only works on Google Chrome. To start using it, you will have to scan a QR code and have the latest version of the app installed on your phone. Oh, and it will not work for iPhone users…


So if you are an Android, Blackberry, Nokia or Windows phone user, you can head to web.whatsapp.com and follow the steps to start using WhatsApp on your desktop too. If you’re an iPhone user, you’ll probably keep on enjoying iMessages.

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WhatsApp founder Jan Koum explained on Facebook:

Due to “Apple platform limitations”, there’s no iOS version on the way for now.

This is actually not the first time WhatsApp is being unfair to iPhone users. Even during its launch, the app was free on Android, but iOS users had to pay $0.99 to enjoy the same app.

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