What Social Media Marketing Can Do for your Business [Infographic]

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A few years ago, businesses began thinking about whether they should use Social media. Some got out there fast and are now way ahead of their competition, but it’s 2014 now, and the case for the use of Social media is clear.

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If you don’t use them, your business will be seen as conservative and old-fashioned. So, 2013 saw a huge rise in businesses that made Social one of their top priorities. Business owners and other top decision-makers have now realized however that it’s not just a case of having a Social media presence. It’s more about how you use that presence. So, they are really looking for ways to leverage the power of Social media to make money.

This infographic, by MDGadvertising, shows us that the real “stars” of Social are actually small and medium-sized businesses as they are able to respond faster, place themselves better and be creative with their content. Maybe, it’s just that big companies have become too cumbersome and slow to catch up, despite having huge budgets. Either way, SMB’s should consider this info as encouragement.

Some other take-aways? Well, for one, referrals to e-commerce sites from Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and YouTube increased 42% in 2013 and the trend is upward. Take a look for yourself.

Social Media Means Big Business for Smaller Retailers [Infographic]

Infographic by MDG Advertising

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