What People (Really) Share on Social Networks

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Although many people are just scanning through their feeds, most of us like to share news, opinions and photos on social media. Actually, the type of content you put online reflects who you truly are, so bear in mind you should always take great care when sharing. For instance, it could come down to haunt you when comes the time to apply for a new job!

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How many posts you should share per day is a boiling and endless debate but, the one thing that can’t be discussed is that the amount of information put up on social media is ever increasing.

Did you know that roughly 5 billion updates are shared everyday on Facebook? Or that people aged 25-34 are more likely to share content than 16-24?

You will find other great stats in this very detailed infographic provided by Go-Gulf. Have a look!

Key Points To Take Away

  • – Photos are most popular on Facebook and Google+, but not on Twitter
  • – Sharing via desktop still prevails
  • – More than 8 out of 10 users share news related to topics and causes they care about
  • Sharing habits differ from country to another
  • – 5 billion updates are shared everyday on Facebook
  • Men tend to share more than women


This guest post was written by Alexandre Bourgeois. Alexandre is the Community Manager at Social Media London and he is organising Social Media London LIVE!, an all-day conference featuring social media experts happening on the 12th of November in London.

Check out this video for more information on their upcoming event:

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