What Makes A Video Facebook Perfect?

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Facebook has been releasing some pretty interesting tools that help content creators make the most out of their videos. The bets are in for this year and the competition is expected to be extremely high among all those different videos. You have to make sure your video will stand out from the crowd, but how exactly can you do this?

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We have compiled a list of to-dos that will help you leverage all the features that Facebook has to offer to video creators. Let’s have a look at them.

1. First Impression Never Fails

Your video will auto-play in the newsfeed. That means that you should make it catchy from the very first frame. Users scroll down quickly, thus, an impeccable artistic approach is a must. If you’re running tight on budget, then maybe you should count on the “shock” factor to grab your audience’s attention. Make sure though you stay in line with the guidelines.

2. Give a sneak peek

As with everything social media, your content has to be outstanding. You can either offer exclusive material or create a written copy that will intrigue your followers and make them click on the play button below. Whichever way you choose to follow, you will most probably manage to capture your audience’s interest.

3. Call-to-action

Did you know that when uploading your video, you can actually write your personalised call-to-action button? You now have the opportunity to connect with your audience and invite them to visit your website just by using this option.

4. Increase your visibility

While you cannot tag people, giving credit to other pages is acceptable – as long as you don’t overdo it.

Next step, check your insights and views count and make the appropriate adjustments. Ready, set, go!

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