What It Really Takes to Be a Community Manager

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Whoever thought being a community manager was a simple job should think again. In facts Community Managers are involved in many areas of a company and must wear different hats throughout the day with objective to help their organisation to:

  • Reduce Support Costs
  • Increase customer acquisition
  • Drive Product innovation

The different hats community managers can be brought to wear during the day (and the qualities required to do so)

  • Detective – Investigate, Understand issues, find solutions, report
  • Cheerleader – Promote, Cheer, Bring in the “go spirit”
  • Therapist – Show Empathy, understanding, calm, problem solving attitude
  • Translator – Explain, clarify, bridge the language gap
  • Diplomat – Tact, diplomacy, customer approach
  • Cowboy/girl – Organize, Lead, control
  • Analyst – Measure, Translate, Optimize
  • Author – Create Content, Manage conversation

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