What Is Project Lightning And What Does It Mean For Twitter?

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Twitter has always been a great news-gathering tool, certainly the best social network for this purpose. For anyone out there wanting to find out live about something that has just taken place, Twitter is certainly the place to find out about it.

And now, Twitter is getting serious about the coverage of live events, with something called Project Lightning. If you haven’t heard about it, don’t worry, it’s supposed to be a secret. So, what is it, and what does it mean for Twitter?

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We know a few things about Project Lightning – a feature Twitter is planning to launch later this year… Essentially it will be a “photo-centric tool that will allow users to browse tweets based on live events”. Imagine Snapchat‘s Stories feature, but on Twitter – and it will feature curated content from anything that is live… Sport’s events, breaking news… and anything else you can imagine.

A team of content curators will be behind the section, emphasizing on visual content such as video or photos, however tweets that are deemed relevant will also appear there after being chosen by the team of editors.

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It is purported that the content will not be represented as a timeline but rather in full-screen format that you can swipe through. In any case, content elements will be placed in chronological order so that you can view as an event progresses.

Kevin Weil, Twitter‘s head of product, explained:

“It is a bold change, not evolutionary.” “It’s a brand-new way to look at tweets.”

So what does Project Lightning mean for Twitter? Well, for one it offers Twitter users who are not particularly active something to do on the platform. Also, as the feature is available to someone whether they are logged in or not, Twitter could really become more important for those covering live events.

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The feature will be available on Twitter‘s desktop version as well as the apps. Finally, feeds from Project Lightning will be embeddable which is excellent news for those who would like to add related news on their sites.

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