What inpired Facebook for its NewsFeed Redesign

by • March 13, 2013 • FacebookComments Off on What inpired Facebook for its NewsFeed Redesign2418

A deck of card, that is where Facebook got its inspiration when redesigning its NewsFeed!

Facebook made a sharp break from tradition when it unveiled the simplified News Feed, but how did it get there? As the social network’s Jane Justice Leibrock has just explained, it was as simple as shuffling cards. Well, almost. Leibrock gave focus group subjects a stack of cards reflecting their recent social updates and asked them to pick the cream of the crop as well as sort the rest into groups. The results led to the filtered approach that’s rolling out now: users tend to gravitate toward specific categories such as close friends, photos and direct interests, rather than piling everything together. As often as people accuse Facebook of launchingsurprise changes, it’s clear that the News Feed revamp involved at least some deliberation.

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