What If You Received A LinkedIn Request From A Better You?

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The web is crowded and for a brand to put its message through is getting tougher and tougher by the day. Especially when you have no or very little media budget.

Britanico, a Peruvian English Language school, looking to increase its reach, managed to do just that, reach a maximum of potential customers, get media exposure and increase traffic to its website, and all that without any media spending. How did they do it? They hacked LinkedIn.

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When Y&R Lima was facing the challenge offered by Britanico, they came up with a very clever and original idea. Who can best convince you to start learning English than a better, more successful version of you?

They took on LinkedIn and created hundreds of fake profile which were more successful version of real profiles with one single objective: show to those people that knowing how to speak English could have a huge impact on their career.

For example, Margarita Talledo, currently a writer at Gente magazine in Peru, received a LinkedIn connection request from Margarita Talledo, awarded general Editor of The Wall Street Journal!

This idea comes to shake many rules but its impact was significant since with zero media spending, the campaign still managed to increase web site traffic by 23%.

The story does not tell how much LinkedIn will appreciate the fake profiles though….

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