What Are We Doing On Facebook?

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Now that most of the planet is active on Facebook, our behaviour on the social network is very different than what it used to be. Of course, the recent changes to Facebook’s NewsFeed algorithm also had an impact, as people get to see more of their friends’ activity and less of brand messages.

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So what are users doing on Facebook nowadays? GlobalWebIndex looked into all the actions performed on the platform by its active users over the past month to come up with a lit of the top activities.

The Top Activities Users Perform on Facebook

In its analysis, GWI looked into two separate groups of users. More specifically, it compared the behaviours of users aged 16-24 to the total Facebook users. As you can see from the infographic below, the difference is not remarkable.

So what are the top activities users perform on Facebook?

  1. 69% clicked on the ‘Like’ Button
  2. 57% messaged a friend on a 1-to-1 basis
  3. 54% read an article
  4. 54% left a comment on a friend’s post
  5. 52% logged in just to see what is happening.

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The first thing that comes out of these results is that more than half of the social network’s users are still very passive. They log in just to check what is happening, what their friends have posted, what brands have shared, but without engaging on any content.

The results also show that many users still use Facebook for its basic functionality: interact with friends. Users like updates, talk to their friends via messages and leave comments on their posts.

Finally, some good news for brands – and especially publishers, 54% of Facebook users spend time to read an article when logging in. Long live Instant Articles?


What do you do the most on Facebook?

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