What Are The Most Important Facts Of Digital Marketing In 2015?

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The world of digital marketing is changing fast and new trends are forming every day. Marketers need to have a thorough idea of the landscape and adjust their strategy accordingly. So what are the important stats we need to know?

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At the end of 2014, 40% of the world’s population had access tο internet, that is 3 billion people. What’s most impressive is that the online population in developing countries has doubled in the past 5 years – a huge opportunity for social networks to expand their reach.

While PCs and laptops are still the most popular device for internet access, smartphones are following closely; Marketers can no longer ignore the mobile channel.

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Key Points To Take Away

  • Only 34% of organisations have compiled a digital marketing strategy that’s incorporated into their marketing strategy.
  • – The majority of organisations have not implemented any kind of digital transformation programme that will help them embrace the digital channels.
  • – Most organisations do not invest in trying, iterating and optimising the digital marketing efforts that drive ROI.

Do you want to see more stats? Check the infographic below:


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