WeChat Is A Major Destination For Luxury Brands

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The Chinese social network, WeChat, presents a huge opportunity for luxury brands. They see an untapped fast-developing market lying ahead of them. According to a report by L2, 92% of international luxury brands are already on WeChat.

The platform keeps on attracting more and more luxury players. The number of brands on WeChat has grown by 87% over that past two years. With Burberry, Coach, Cartier and other designer houses among the champions of the medium, there is something that makes WeChat the ultimate destination for high-street brands that want to crack the Chinese market. But what’s that exactly?

First of all, WeChat offers an array of features – some of them being available way before those of its western competitors. For instance, the platform offers the option to generate push notifications, enable geolocation capabilities, perform e-commerce activities. Moreover, WeChat offers the opportunity for brands to offer more sophisticated customer service – like multiple agents and auto-reply functionalities for example.

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As various sources claim, WeChat is used for practically everything from exchanging messages with friends to booking doctors appointments. That’s why Burberry ran a WeChat-only campaign for New Years, and why the Renrenxiang restaurant in Beijing ditched staff in favour of WeChat.

We’re pretty sure there are more brands to arrive on the platform, and this time it won’t be only luxury ones.

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