We Interrupt This Broadcast To Bring You Snapchat Ads

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Snapchat is getting serious about its Ads Business, and will now show ads between stories, thanks to its newly-released API.

The API will sit on a platform developed by third parties, that will give access to advertisers and set up their own ad units on the platform. To have a better view, Snapchat’s API will practically do the same as Facebook, which helps advertisers use its ad suite either on Facebook’s ads manager or through its partner platforms.

As stated above, Snapchat will focus on the latter; Instead of developing the ad solutions suite in-house, the social network will develop and divide its ad business along with selected partners, in two discrete branches: the first one will help advertisers buy ads and analyse their campaigns, and the creative one that will help them create the ad units.

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What does this mean for users? While Snapchat promises that all changes will occur over a longer period for a smooth transition, it’s now confirmed that “snapchatters” should expect to see ad clips between two consecutive stories from various brands – such as P&G.

However, Snapchat promises that all ads will not be shown very often, as the ultimate goal for the platform is to generate ROI and not bombard users with commercial breaks.

The latest development is part of Snapchat’s rather optimistic target to generate $1 billion in ad sales during 2017, compared to the “humble” $300 million it plans to achieve in 2016. Snapchat is currently getting over 8 billion video views per month, so the introduction of video ads shouldn’t come as a surprise.

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