Watch Cute Puppies and Help Pedigree Raise Charity Money

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Pedigree has already a  long history of caring for dogs. The company is very active into helping out rescue dogs throughout the world and its charity activities are often a huge success. The brand also made the news a while ago when it decided to privilege online marketing over TV for its charity campaigns.

Now, Pedigree is making the news again with this great video for the PEDIGREE Adoption Drive, a New-Zealand based organization.

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Every year thousands of dogs are lost and abandoned and in hopes of aiding them, Pedigree is sponsoring a “Share for Dogs” video campaign which aims to raise money and awareness.

And all you have to do is to watch the specifically made video of puppies. Yes, just by watching, you will be donating money to charity and help dogs.

How does it work?

YouTube has a feature called monetization. Using it, if you create your own content and it’s approved, YouTube will strategically place ads inside or near the video. The uploader, in this case the PEDIGREE Adoption Drive, then earns 55% of the advertising revenue. And of course Pedigree will give all this money for charity. Thus, by simply watching this video of cute, cuddly awe-inducing puppies, you’re donating money to charity.

Here is the video:

This is a great idea by Pedigree and now,simply by sharing this post on your social networks, you will help raise even more awareness and money for these dogs who deserve our best help, right? So, get sharing guys!

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