A Touching Tribute To The World’s First Viral Hit

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If you’re old enough to have experienced the glorious day of the internet in the 90s, you may probably remember the first piece of content that went viral.

It was 1997, and legend has it that an email containing the commencement speech given by Kurt Vonnegut to students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology that June, landed in the mailboxes of internet users from London, to Sydney, to Mexico City. That email came with a powerful tagline: “Wear Sunscreen.” These words would later be embellished with music, with the help of Baz Luhrmann.

But was the legend true, or was it just the product of our collective connected imagination? After all, the internet has a certain talent of hiding the traces of real sources – “fake news,” anyone?

BMB, a creative agency in London, set out to rectify the situation and provide us with the real facts that came with this milestone in internet history. And it does indeed pay respect to that very first piece of viral content and its original creator – Mary Schmich – a writer at the Chicago Tribune.

WearSunscreen.net was created under the direction of Ben Lunt, Executive Digital Director and Louise Sloper, Head of Art at BMB and it’s reminiscent of the good old internet days where the only protection we needed, was sunscreen.

Check out their beautiful tribute website here, and don’t forget to listen to the song.

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