Vizify – Your Personal Website Powered by Your Data

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People are looking each other up on the Internet more and more often. Whether they are recruiters, potential business partners, or even friends or acquaintances, people will be looking you up on Google at some point. And they will find you, or at least they will find your Social media profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, first.

Well there might be a better way to present yourself online – i.e. with a Vizify graphical bio.

Vizify is a new kind of personal website built from the data provided by your social media profiles. It does not require much effort on your part as it will automatically update itself should you make changes to your social profiles. So, if you change your job title on LinkedIn for example, Vizify will update your account.

To setup yours is very easy. Just visit the site, link you Social media profiles, and then just tweak it with the built-in design options.

Vizify is more than a website. It’s about your personal branding. Here is a look of my personal page on the site:


So what can you do with your Vizify page? Well, according to the site you can:

  • – Use it as your personal website.
  • – Add it to your online profiles (Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) and email signature.
  • Amplify your personal brand & show off your expertise to people who are searching for you.

Vizify is also endorsed by over 200 HR professionals, so it can only do your career some good, no?


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