Vinyet Pimps Up Your Vine with Filters and More

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So you like Vine but you think it should do much more? Then say welcome to Vinyet.

Vinyet gives you what every director wants: creative control, flexibility, and final cut. Get the look of your favorite films. Short or long, loop, time lapse, editing. Share directly to Vine, Instagram, Facebook, SMS, Email, or save to your roll.

Vinyet includes 22 cinematic-quality filters, stop-motion, animation, time lapse effects and a host of additional features that claim to “open up the world of video”.

We will now look in more details on the 2 features we really loved: color filters and timelapse.

Color Filters

Vinyet comes with 22 cinematic quality color filters inspired by the team’s favorite films. Some are named in homage to the directors who produced them. You can preview these filters in real time as you shoot, and even change them later.


Check out the potential results with this before/after video:

Make great timelapse video

Vinyet lets you make timelapse videos in a very easy manner. Just Click the timer icon, set the duration to record and the delay between recordings with two sliders. Click the loop icon and tap any spot on the screen to begin!

Here is an example:

You can also create some fantastic stop-motion animations by using the time without the loop

Vinyet also offers top-of-the-art segment editing, and it lets you export anything as an animated GIF! 

We told you this app came to make Vine ultra-sexy (again) :)


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