Vine Introduces Watch Button Allowing You To Watch A Whole Channel

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Vine knows that people love to go through channels and to watch their videos back to back. So, the company has introduced a “Watch” button, so that instead of manually scrolling through posts, users can just watch an entire channel.

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Users can do so with the one tap. While on a channel or on the “Explore” page topic-based channels all they have to do, is tap “Posts” to change the order of the Vines – oldest to newest, newest to oldest, and what’s popular. Here they can also “hide revines”. These options were introduced just a few months ago, and they go hand-in-hand with the new feature.

So, after choosing the order, they can just press the “Watch button to begin.

This is particularly useful for channels with Vines that continue from one another – like a storyline for example. I can see this being a really cool feature for users who want to tell a story. For some cool examples, have a look at Johnny McHone or Alona Forsythe.

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With the new feature, you can also make Vines loop while you’re watching them. Just tap and hold the video to loop it. All you have to do now is update your Vine app on your device.

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