Vine Free Analytics Already Available

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If you’re one of those super-early adopters of Vine, there’s already a way to get a basic snapshot of how your six-second videos are performing.

The folks at Simply Measured have launched a simple Vine statistics report that brands or individuals can use. The service is basically free; it only costs you a tweet announcing that you’re using the tool.

Once the report is ready, you’ll be able to see a variety of stats related to engagement for your Vine videos shared during the previous seven days. (Perhaps a paid version will go back further?) The tool includes data such as:

  • Total Engagement (i.e., the number of retweets and replies to your videos)
  • Unique People (that engaged with your videos)
  • Potential Reach and Impressions
  • who engaged with your videos, plus their location, Klout score and general profile info
  • comparison data between your Vine videos and other media that you’ve shared on Twitter, like YouTube or Vimeo videos, Instagram or Path photos and more
  • which Vine videos saw the most engagement

I’ve only tweeted a couple Vine videos in the past week, so my data doesn’t look like much. But you can imagine an active brand getting some value out of the data.


The report only measures Vine videos that you’ve shared on Twitter. And the tool is currently limited to accounts with 100,000 Twitter followers or less.

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