Videos Can Do Miracles for Your Inbound Marketing [Infographic]

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We have stated in a previous article, that videos and especially Youtubeprovide quality referral traffic in terms of user engagement, retention and referrals. Today, we have an infographic to further support that videos can be super beneficial for your inbound marketing attempts and we have the stats to prove it!

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The infographic that follows, created by bixamedia will not only show you how to supercharge your marketing efforts with video, but it also offers some cool tips on how to create your own top-notch videos.

Key Points To Take Away

  • – About 100 million internet users watch online videos everyday, and 45% of total internet users view a video at least once a month.
  • – 90% of online shoppers claim that videos influence their purchase decision.
  • – The three most important traits of videos are: Visitor experience, brand perception and SEO benefits.
  • – Youtube, Instagram and Vine are the top players, which brands use to skyrocket their engagement rates.
  • – Some tips about creating a successful video? Make it brief, relevant, branded, targeted and pay attention on meticulously curating your meta data.

Have a look below:

How to Supercharge Your Inbound Marketing with Videos

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