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Viber Games Go International

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Back in December, we had written about Viber‘s decision to launch a series of in-app games in specific countries of the world. Almost 3 months after that, the testing period is over and Viber Games go international.

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Viber Games include Viber Candy Mania, Wild Luck Casino and Viber Po. They are implemented as standalone apps that link back to the chat app when users want to share their scores or challenge their contacts to a game battle.

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With Viber games, the chat app bets on increasing user engagement and expanding its revenue through in-app purchases – extra lives and so on – apart from sticker sales and its international calls scheme that were available until now.


Moreover, this update is great news for the product itself. Viber has now the chance to fully embrace e-commerce and attract new users through the social signals generated by the games. This means that Viber will have to accommodate these changes and transform itself from a another chat app to a fully e-commerce platform.

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