Viber Applies End-To-End Encryption

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More and more messaging applications are adding encryption features, to offer advanced security and true privacy to their users. The latest to add such features is one of the most popular messaging platforms out there; Viber.

In its blog post, the company announced that after a long time in development, it’s now able to offer end-to-end encryption to every user’s conversations, whether that is a one to one chat, or a group chat. Moreover, this option expands to video calls on desktop and tablet as well.

Users who have the latest version of Viber installed on their phones, will get notifications each time their conversations are encrypted. Viber will provide users with a cryptography key associated with a specific device. Then, users can manually mark their contacts as “trusted”, so that they can share the key with them and start a secure conversation.

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Each time an encrypted conversation takes place, users will see a green padlock on the input field of their chat window. When the padlock turns red, then that means that there’s a problem with the encryption key. Such an event could signify that the conversation is no longer secure, or that the other part may have changed device.

wersm viber encryption device padlock notification

Moreover, Viber is also rolling out another service called “hidden chats“. This feature can turn out to be very useful for shared devices, as it lets users mark some of their conversations as hidden, thus not visible to other users of the device.

Both updates will be available in the next few weeks.

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