Viber And WhatsApp Are Still Fighting For 1st Place

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Messaging Apps are racing to include brand new, exciting features for their users, as more and more people realise that the power of these “obscure” networks are its users that want to communicate without letting other social networks know their whereabouts.

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The two main contenders of this category are, undoubtedly, WhatsApp and Viber. Both apps have released a series of important updates during the past week, in an attempt to lure more users to the respective platforms, while bringing deeper integration with other services, as well.

First of all, Facebook-owned WhatsApp brought some serious new features to the table. Among all, users can now set up custom notifications settings and mute per chat – group or direct. Moreover, they can include videos in their backups (Can you hear that, Snapchat?). In terms of integration with other services, WhatsApp now offers location sharing from Apple Maps. Last but not least, with an improved mechanism, users can now lower the data usage when calling.

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On Viber, the list may be shorter, but not less impressive. Users can now start a video call directly from their recent calls list or from a contact’s profile. What’s more, you can now drop a link into a message and Viber will show a preview of the content, all within the same conversation thread. Users can also “Share The Vibes” by inviting entire groups to follow a public chat, a relatively new functionality which features VIP DJs and various other stars.

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