Vent – The Social Network To Get Things Off Your Chest – Now Has Over 1 Million Users

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It was almost 2 years ago and we were among the first media to announce Vent, a new social network made in Australia. Vent was made so that you could “vent”, getting everything off your chest.

Today, we are very happy to share some great news about Vent: The social network currently has over 1 million users who spent on average 50% more time on the app than they do on Facebook!

Vent was launched in August 2014 to give teenagers and young adults an outlet to build supportive networks in a safe place. Almost two years later, its database of over 1 million users shows that there was indeed a need for something other than Facebook or Twitter.

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Co-Founder Dean Serroni, from Melbourne explains:

Many of our users share thoughts and feelings they don’t feel they can on their other social media channels or with friends and family in person.

Of course Vent is a moderated environment, so you can “get it off your chest” but you will still have to show respect for others:

We moderate the environment to avoid malicious comments or ‘trolling’ that can be common with other social media and this has allowed it to become a safe outlet for many – particularly for those from the LGBT community or with mental health problems.

Vent regroups a social media savvy target audience and the company believes its success is based on them taking the time to talk to their community daily about what they like, and what they don’t like, using this feedback to create an even better environment for the users. Today Vent is a very successful network, recording an average of 20,000 new registrations each week, 3 million posts and over 20 million interactions every month. On top of this, users are spending an average of 60 minutes on the app, that’s 50% more than on Facebook.

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Private Messaging

One of the features that the Vent community had been looking for, was the ability to engage in private conversations with other users. So, this month the company launched a new private messaging facility that will help users develop “strong and supporting friendships.”

Note that the platform does not enforce a real name policy, hence all conversations can remain anonymous.

If you want to find out more about Vent, you can check out their website, or read other articles we have written about the app in the past:

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