Vent 2.0 – Now You Can Rant As Much As You Want On Android Too

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Vent, the social network where you can “get it off their chest” is bringing the next generation of its awesome app to Android devices with the aim to continue reshaping how we express ourselves  and connect with others.

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Since its launch on iOS, Vent, the fun and unique app that allows its growing community of users to anonymously vent their negative feelings of frustrations, has been on an ever growing momentum. Today, they are announcing Vent 2.0, adding an entire new level of expressive features and user connectivity.

More Ways To Express Yourself

On top of the now famous categories of Calm, Irritated, Annoyed, Angry, and Furious, a new “Slider Mechanic” lets users diversify and reach for Fear, Surprise, Sadness, Anger, Affection, and even Happiness.


More Ways To Interact With Others

Continuing with its “get it off your chest” attitude, Vent has introduced an intuitive new way for its community to interact with one another and share their frustrations.

As responses that add to existing “favorite” and comment features, users can now choose to HUG, LOL, OMG, WTF other people’s vents for quick and fun comments that add connectivity to the network and create a more interactive community.

Dean Serroni, Co-Founder, explains:

We always knew that the possibilities of Vent would be as limitless as the layers of emotions that we experience and want to share everyday. With this in mind we’ve looked towards this new release to give people more expressive outlets and the ability to connect naturally with each other. 

More Control Over What You See And Share

Other new features include the ability to have your own short profile bio and you can now report inappropriate comments within vents, block unwanted followers for better privacy control and interact with a new predictive username system when you look to mention other users.

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In its current form, the Vent app is one of the most emotionally effective and fun applications on the market. The platform’s massively entertaining feed — constantly refreshed with new heartfelt, insightful and at times hilarious complaints about anything and everything — can place life in perspective for the user who in the end may not need to vent after all.

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