Using Facebook to Create Awareness on Alzheimer Disease

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Alzheimer is a painful disease affecting memory, at first, and eventually leading to the person’s demise. First symptoms include the gradual loss of memory varying from simple tasks – e.g. you don’t remember where you left your keys – to more complex life events. A lot of money have been invested in the fight against this disease and, lately, social media have been used to increase awareness over this particular health condition.

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This is the case of Alzheimer Nederland, the Dutch organisation for Alzheimer’s Disease. They have launched an inspiring Facebook Timeline campaign, in order to give people a taste of what it feels like to suffer from this condition. The idea was to tag people in real-world photos of events, that they have never attended. This is a brilliant idea that shows us that social media are not only for brand campaigns and increasing ROI, but also for raising awareness about things that matter the most. Have a look at the following video.

Do you believe these social media campaigns can really have a positive impact?

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