Use Twitter Like Top Brands Do [infographic]

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Twitter might be underestimated. Twitter is actually one of the most powerful tool out there for brands to communicate directly with consumers.

Whether your brand uses it for Customer Service, Product promotion, buzz or simply to keep in touch with its world of customers, you sure could do with some power tips from the world’s top brands on Twitter. Here they are!

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Check out this great infographic prepared by Simply Measured. It related everything top brands like Facebook, MTV or Starbucks do on Twitter.

What to Remember

  • – The 5 most followed brands on Twitter are Facebook, MTV, Google, Starbucks and Microsoft
  • 58% of thew world’s top brands have more than 100,000 followers
  • – 92% of companies tweet more than once a day
  • – The most engaging brand on Twitter is Ebay
  • Retail, restaurants and media are the most engaged industries on Twitter


How is your brand doing on Twitter?

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