UpTime: Watch YouTube Videos With Your Friends

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What’s better than watching an awesome YouTube video? Watching it with friends, of course! UpTime, the latest app from Google’s incubator, is all about online YouTube parties.

Google is very keen to turn YouTube into a more social experience. After trying to make comments more appealing, it now has a brand new app, UpTime – making watching videos with friends a better and easier experience.

UpTime was born out of Area 120, Google’s incubator where employees can spend 20% of their time on side projects. It’s an app lets you meet new friends, search for video content (from YouTube of course), share videos, and watch them with friends. UpTime also lets you and your friends add stickers, “Sparkles”, hearts and comments while watching, transforming the experience into a real online YouTube party.

Google’s UpTime is only available on iOS for now, and not on Android: How ironic.

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