The Ultimate Facebook Cheat Sheet

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Facebook is an increasingly important platform for engaging an audience. With so many images populating Facebook, it’s important for marketers, designers and social media experts to be aware of each and every known dimension.

The Facebook cheat sheet created by TechWyse (below) gives us the details of image sizes, from thumbnails, to videos and mobile app ads. The infographic covers image sizes for company pages, posts and ads – while also providing tips to ensure your image performs its best.

Facebook is continuously updating its dimensions, making it more difficult to create a successful social media presence. Using incorrect dimensions on your posts or ads, can impact your ability to attract an audience, grow customers or clients, and generate engagement.

Using this information will ensure that your ideas for Facebook posts and ad campaigns aren’t ignored by users, and that any designs you create for the platform are visually-appealing.

The infographic also provides some tips and useful information to keep in mind for Facebook. For example, it’s important to keep in mind that if your image is not sized properly, Facebook will automatically choose to use the centre.

It is printable, so you can keep a copy on your desk, to refer to whenever you need to be reminded of each and every image dimension on Facebook. This invaluable resource will help you to easily determine everything from the size of shared links and images, sponsored posts, event images, thumbnails and more.


Note that in some countries, including the UK, Facebook has removed the 20% text limit for ads. Now, the more text your image contains, the less reach your ad will get, but it will be approved no matter what.

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